Introduction and First Post

Hello. I am Eugene. I am 16 y.o. and this is my first post. I have been attracted to boys since i was 12, and I like boys from 7 to 16 yo and i also like older men. I joined this site after looking at it for like a month and a half and decided it was time to contribute to the blog. So, this is my first post, themed about friendship ( and some other pics, well, more then friendship (; ) I hope you like my first pictures in here.










Let me know if you liked my publication in the comments. I would really appreciate that (:

56 thoughts on “Introduction and First Post

    • Thanks for the welcoming and for the nice feedback, it means a lot to me, specially since Sascha himself has replayed to me! I feel so honored! And yes, I agree, friendships are important and they can be cute like these ones. The last 3 pics are probably my favorite ones too.

    • I’m glad you liked the post. And well, it is quite easy. I find some pics in google, others in twitter, others in imgru, others on tumblr and others in facebook. Basically, you can find cute boy pics almost everywhere if you look for them with dedication (: Hope you can find many goof pics online jonny

    • Thank you Tim, but sorry, 17 is just one year older than my age range ): I like boys from 6 or 7 up to 16 yo, I hope this doesn’t bother you but thats just how I work, i can;t feel anything for boys older than that even if I try (unless you are a full grown men, yummy)

  1. You are welcome, and thank you for making me feel so welcomed (: I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Yeah, the last pic is really good. I think the boy in the middle is the cutest but i liked the boxers of the one on the right the most.

    • If you refer to the boys’ bulges, i must say that tho they are appealing they are not the most important thing. If you mean the pictures’ sizes, then please feel free to leave suggestions or critics directly to me via PM. Thanks and i am glad you enjoyed my post

  2. Welcome Eugene,
    Your first post is AMAZING!
    My favorite is pic # 2…
    I mean cmon who wouldn’t want to be in the bed with those 3 hotties. Especially the blonde in the sky blue briefs. He is a ” big” boy! Yummy

    • Thanks for the welcome, and it makes me happy to know you enjoyed my first post and hope you enjoy my further posts. And I agree, pic 2 is a really good one. 3 “big”, beautiful, yummy boys as you said together on a bed, oh my, does it leave my imagination to think of so many possible scenarios that could happen. The bums of the front-most boy are also a spot-on.

  3. Great pics Eugene. Thanks for posting and welcome to the blog. You will find many pics here to fulfill your lust of boys 7-16, but none at all of older men. I for one am glad of that. Although I do get to see a 50 year old man each time I look in the mirror. laugh

  4. Welcome Eugene I admire your courage to come on here and talk openly about your love of boys like you I was about 12 when my love of boys started but unlike you I was to shy and embarrassed to share it with anyone now I am bi but not out to anyone but have regular legal fun

  5. Thank you for nice pix and for the beautiful boy that you are…loving boys is a great thing..I started at age 8 and found there is nothing like it..had boys my age and at 9 started going out with much much older ” boys” who took a real liking to me …enjoy the life style..its great and welcome aboard

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