19 thoughts on “Boys At War 4

  1. Hi, kevler17 i love your boys at war posts, and i specially love them bc of the dominance in the pictures. I love girls/women/boys/men dominating boys. And the last pic here is one of the best i’ve ever seen. I love that theyre tied up and gagged <3 Would love to know if you had some more pictures like that, and if you do if you want maybe you could send some (not many), to my email. Would be so glad to get some more tied up and gagged in this series, if there are any. I thik ive seen some at fightingkids where there are girls dominating boys and the boys are tied and gagged but this takes the price. Its legal and its awesome <33333

    My email is a temporary one: [email protected]

    Dont have to if you dont have time or dont feel like it. But would be glad. Hugs from me smile

  2. I’m not really a big fan of violence or being tied up – however, I am completely aware of how boys rough house with each other and play their games. With that said – more pics of the two in the singlets please?!!?

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