Kids React!

Hey guys! So, as I’m sittin here chillin out in my room, catching up on some episodes of Kids React on Youtube, I thought “Hey, I wonder which boys some of the other members think are cute!”  These are the boys that I think are just so friggin cute! Here they are:

1. Max
2. Dominick
3. Jaxon
4. Maxim
5. Lucas

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14 thoughts on “Kids React!

  1. I see Jaxon and Maxim are the 2 favorites among you guys, excellent! I personally love all 5 of them, but there’s something about Dominick, he’s got that cuddly kind of cuteness to him, and I absolutely love his smile smile

  2. Wow, so many new boys in the show. I haven’t seen an episode of Kids React in years, literally. But i remember Maxim, I have always find him the cuttest boy (well, only after Troy left the show) and he has apparently aged well. How old is he now by the way? I never got to see Max ( boy #1), but i think he is cute.

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