Kitty boy Jonah

Hello BL pals, this is my third post in here. I will first start by thanking all of you for such warm and accepting welcomes and feedback you guys game me in my first post. You have made me feel so in home (: Well, as in my two previous posts, I will share some more facts about me. 1-I was naturally born a ginger (maybe that’s why i find ginger boys so attractive), but sadly with the years my hair has gotten dark-brownish, but its a nice hair tone so that’s cool still. 2- I can speak english, spanish and also a little german and can read italian. 3- I love girl-looking boys, they are so cute. So, for being so nice to me. i will share with you my favorite girly boy in the internet. His name is Jonah and he is 15 (but looks 12) and he is from YouTube and i can’t to begin to describe how attracted I am to him. His gigantic eyes are breath taking and he is so tiny and girly-looking and adorable and his hair is perfect. His attitude is so childish and energetic and i fell in love with just the first video i saw of him.

Here are some pictures of my platonic love. Hope you guys enjoy smile











He posts videos daily. I would share his YT account  but I don’t think Sascha would be ok with me exposing Jonah and i understand. If you want to see more of him let me know so i can post more of this boy. Thanks for looking my post and once again for welcoming me with open arms guys.

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  1. Ummmm…I dont believe he is 15! According to his videos on YT, he is now 13. But, he has an older brother who is 15. I know this because I watch that YT channel every week.

  2. Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I’m glad that you all found him cute and that you enjoyed my post. So by popular demand, i will soon amke a second post of him. If you want to know his youtube account, send me a PM and i will happily send you a link. Please subscribe to my platonic love so that he keeps uploading videos. PS. I made a HUGE mistake, i said he is 15 when he is 13. It is his brother who is 15.

  3. Even though i appreciate your welcome, it might be a little late but thank you any ways (: still feels good. Yes, peopel here have been really friendly. Thank you, i am glad you liked him too, but lets be honest, who wouldn’t fall for him? just look at his beautifull kidish eyes. And don’t worry, I will definetly post more of my platonic love Jonah

  4. What a little darling. I’d say my favorite photos are 4 and 5. I also like how disheveled his hair looks in photo 2.

    Just curious…what about him do you consider “girly?”

    • I believe his eyes are girly. Maybe it’s because of his long and beautiful eyelashes. Also, if you see some of his videos, you will note his personallity is really girly. He openly admits being a My Little Pony fan, there is a video in which his sister dresses him like a girl, then there was this time he got his nails done. I believe he will grow up to be a beautiful sissy or gay boy, judging for how girly he is in his videos, but that’s just my opinion about my love Jonah

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