27 thoughts on “Boy Swimsuit Fashion Show

  1. Unreal! Now this is a fashion show! Look at all those sweet, pre-teen boys showing off those soft, little bodies. I wish I could just shop. If I win the bid, the boy comes right over to me, struts his stuff a little bit, then gently gets up in my lap to enjoy the rest of the show. That would be an awesome fashion show!

  2. shock OMG definitely one of the best videos ever posted on this blog! I just want to hug them all! Have my faves though ones of top head are the the boy with the surf board omg gorgeous heart the rocker boy after him good and the long haired boy heart definitely other cuties too! BIG HUGE thank you for sharing! This video is golden for us BLs! smile

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  4. Hi,when I model swimwear I always have to get tickled for half an hour on each pair of trunks/briefs I model for ppl. I usually model around 10 pairs at a show. Just as well I love being tickled lots & I’m very very ticklish to smile

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