12 thoughts on “Really Creepy Sexual Abuse

  1. Ok obviously this is some old ad from the 80’s. THAT man does NOT represent who I am as a person, nor do I agree with how he manipulated the situation for his own pleasure. You’ll never catch me doing anything like this. He does not define what a BLer is. This guy is a total creepo. And it really pisses me off that we get put into the same damn category as him. I regret watching this now, I’m seriously heated and need to go for a walk or something diablo

  2. terrible it hurts seeing that done to boy of my age..that happened to me once and I really hate the person who did that to me well all that matters is I’m okay

  3. Okay Never saw this before and I should first say sexual abuse of children is NO laughing matter!….But sorry…. sorry I was laughing my ass off at this video!! chuckle Now if it was REAL I wouldn’t have laughed and YES I KNOW ,,it really does happen …Its just that the whole thing…from the acting to the dialog to the creepy old fart was funny! Campy is the word..Outdated etc.. Thats why I was laughing at IT…NOT the subject matter!”Come here little boy” all pervy and shit….lmfao….. laugh and because I knew what was going to happen after every scene/scenario ….I was like Oh no not that trick…

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