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  1. A good step to keep the blog and forum clean. And that’s all I say here since I am way to old for this stuff and not here to find boys, simply to look at the gorgeous pictures. smile

  2. I’m so sad. I’ve had a few nice conversations on this site with boys and I’m a 30+ year old man. I feel that I must admit that I am a History Teacher/Swim Coach at a Middle School in New England and I really enjoy working and talking with pre-teen/teen boys in a professional, school setting, but this site offers so much more! The chats I have had quickly turn to private internet conversations since we often talk about personal and very private issues or problems. I love this site because it enables me to not be an authority figure and just meet gay boys as a gay man. I know from experience that “true” bottom boys often start having crushes very early. It is known in many cultures that young, gay crushes can happen with boys towards men as young as 10-11 years old. These feelings need to be discussed in private of course, but this site gives all of us with these feelings (men & boys) the chance to just meet. Isn’t that what this site should be about? Gay men & gay boys talking together? yes

    • awww smile i did not mean that the man – boy contact is not allowed. smile I am chatting with some boys here too. And you can comment or write a PM to any boys here. As long all participates are true and you are not lie with your age smile Gay boys have often important questions and like to talk with an nice adult who can unterstand his feelings too.
      What i meant is, that i not like to see posts like:
      “Me 40 interested in contacts with 10-14 yr boys” and when a boy is interested in contact with an adult he need no own post here. Because he can find instantly contact in the member blog/ forum or PM smile

  3. Bullshit >er< sorry Bullseye, so long as you don't turn ordinary crushes into gay with these private talks. This is a terrific blog reflecting history & memory's of our own boyhood.

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