Lovelly boy!!

Hi everyone!
This is my first post here! I confess that, this lad is lost likely the main reason I joined this site. Well, it happens that I just have a “crush” on him! So I’m posting some of his pictures I own hoping that someone has or knows where to find more (and if possible with better quality/resolution!), because I’m pretty sure there are much more out there. I just don’t know where. Any help would be welcome! Thanks!
Regardless any help, I hope you enjoy the post.

21 thoughts on “Lovelly boy!!

    • He is definitely the perfect mix of sexiness and cuteness!!
      Would you like to share what you have of him?? I also know him as Dima yes, but what I found on the internet was not much more than these pics. :/

  1. Thank you for your comments! smile Well, definitely this boy messed with my heart! So many pretty young boys on this blog but, actually for some unknown reason my heart tends to beat considerably faster with this one!
    Too bad, occasionally this happens and I can’t help!

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