17 thoughts on “German Boys

    • It doens’t matter much anyway, but as we drive on the right side, we usually don’t park like this, neither do we have those utility poles along the roads very often, the landscape looks strange to me and the car has already been mentioned. But don’t worry about that objection ;-)

      • Ok
        you said what I wanted to say.thomix
        And for MAXIE great boys I love #1, 3, 4
        They could be Germans, living in America.
        But they are gorgeous by any means
        So thank you hug

  1. Thomix and lover, I´m not worry for the objection. I Thank for your words. I only want to say you both, what I had read in the web. Ich verzeihe mich ! Viel Liebe fuer Euch from Suedamerika. Maxie. drinks good

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