7 thoughts on “Slater again

  1. I can’t believe that this post has been here since Aug. 7th, and nobody has commented yet! This boy is beautiful! I love his blonde hair and nice boy tan! he looks like he’d lots of fun to be around!

    Thank you MAXIE, for sharing this wonderful boy!

    • Awww boybuff, you touch me in heart heart . Thank you very much for your comment. Only for you, in the next days, I am going to send a post from Slater and brother.You will enjoy it. Thanks again. good hug

  2. I totally agree with boy buff. He’s beautiful. I love everything about him. I’m glad I found this post. Makes you wonder if boys like Slater know or even care about how incredibly cute they are. In all likely hood they probably don’t and just go about their business being boys and leave the rest of us to admire their beauty.

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