30 thoughts on “Super cute boy

  1. Hey now, be nice Gary. This boy is FAR from being ugly.

    And that’s actually a little bit irritating you would say that. Ever heard of that saying “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all”……if I see boys that aren’t exactly my taste, I simply don’t comment anything. Maybe you should practice that.

    • i can not believe that he means that serious. If so i think he is on the wrong site laugh Maybe he would like a site with old woman s much more laugh That boy is not ugly in any way. in general i did not see here any real ugly boy on the site laugh But yeah i agree 100% percent, when someone has to say no nice thinks he should just write nothing. It is a thing of politeness. yes

  2. Old post but I’ve got to weigh in! HE IS CUTE !! Just the fact that hes a boy and at a very perfect age to me anyway. Makes him cute! yes The first pic,the angle of the shot its kinda making his nose look different then lets say pic#2 or 3….Id be happy to be his boyfriend any day,,with that hot sexy body!! Yummy tummy! inlove Is he as cute as lets say “Scotty” or”Spencer” or Tristan etc etc …no but to me He Is Cute….so there! chuckle If you guys that don’t think hes cute don’t want him,,,I will take him! Thanks for leaving more for me…lol….your loss. good

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