Faces and future Q&A

Hello. It is me Eugene again. For this fourth post of mine, i present to you some cute boy faces. As always i hope you enjoy the pics (: and please read until the end of my post from some, interesting, news.





cute kid -w-




enjoyinghissweetsmileLet me know which boy or boys were your favorite(s) in the comments.

And now, the news i have. You might have noticed that unlikie my previous posts, i did not share some fact about myself. It’s not because i don’t want you guys to know more about myself. In fact, it is the whole contrary thing. I will be answering any question you have for me. If there is anything you want to know about me you can send me a PM or leave a comment blow with the question and under the title QandA and I will consider your question for my Answers post, which I plan to do in about 3 or 4 days. NOTE: IF YOUR QUESTION IS NOT UNDER THE SPECIFIED TITLE OR A SIMILAR ONE, I WILL NOT ANSWER IT. I will be expecting with joy all your doubts. Don’t be affraid to ask anything. But of course, NOT TOO PERSONAL QUESTIONS like where do i live.



35 thoughts on “Faces and future Q&A

  1. I have some questions smile
    When did you realize that you was attracted to boys ?
    What age of boys moves you at most?
    Are regularly doing some kind of sport or other outdoor activities?
    I hope you will answer some of the three smile

  2. #2 is my favorite – he has a beautiful smile and looks super happy! He is very easy to look at hug

    saschax99 there was no age really, maybe I just grew to accept it more and more over time. I always felt this way…
    Age 8 ~ 12 sure is a happy time to be a boy!

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