28 thoughts on “Facebook Cutie

  1. A really beautiful boy indeed! 2 and 5 are the best pics. I love how both his eyes are different color, buth both eyes are beautiful in tehyr way! Please JERIMIAH, would you be so kind of sending me a link to his FB account on PM?

  2. I like all the pics, he’s a beautiful boy, and I especially love the pic with him on his Dad’s shoulders! I love bonding moments between boys and their Dads! it’s what makes boys into men! smile

  3. Eh he’s ok! But the two Czech cousins I’ve become friends with on Facebook OMG! shock hug heart Honza & Ladislav! Before you ask NO I will definitely not be sharing their Facebook profiles or any personal photos out of complete respect for them both! They’re friends not your eye candy! Thanks for understanding! smile Only things I will share is Honza is blonde shaggy hair blue eyes skinny inner belly button looks damn good in a speedo and a butt from heaven! Ladislav Shaved head brown haired blue eyes skinny v cut looks damned good in a speedo and again a butt from the heavens! I do heart my chezch boys! yes

  4. But as a good faith token look up MAXIMUS THOR!!! it’s dubbed over funny as hell videos on YouTube! Also Facebook page! The blonde boy is Max and I am in heart with him he’s so freaking cute! good yes Just wanna hug him till my arms fall off!

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