Twitter boy

Fifth post. This time, i present to you a boy named Darren i found in twitter. I must say he is not exactly the cuttest boy i have ever seen, but i think he is still really pretty and is worth sharing. darren6











And the best pic for last ;p

darren8You know how this goes, if you would liek to know his twitter, send me a PM and i’ll send you a link. Also, remember i am doing a Q&A soon, so please leave me any kind of questions in the comments or via PM. Hope you guys enjoyed my pictures of Darren (:

13 thoughts on “Twitter boy

  1. Why you lot commenting on a photo that’s not your concern, have you seen the clip on all you commenting pmsl, what nothing better to do in ya life’s eh? Get a grip and jog on you liccle boys! No ones perfect in this world so go sit on a chair and think about what’s not perfect about you! Little kids these days smh

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