First Post!

Hi Everyone!

My Name is Eliza. I’ve been following this blog for a couple of months now and decided it was time to post. I love to see pictures of boys in their cute little boxer shorts. If you have/know where i could find some more let me know in a PM. Thanks!

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24 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. Welcome Eliza, i hope you enjoy it here, and because of your name i guess you are a woman, something really unusual in here, so its good to start seeing more diversity. What a great post i must say, I too love boys in their cute boxer shorts. All of these boys are really cute and their boxers are cool. Thanks really much for the post.

  2. ehm I’m noticing something here but I don’t think I should say it out lol Gary I understand you I guess you must’ve told him that you like him if I’m not mistaken …by the way nice post Eliza I love boys in tight undies its really cool and if you are on Facebook would you please send your name for me via PM I’m 13

  3. Hi Eliza and welcome! I am relatively new here myself and love this place. I hope you find it a great place to hang out.

    I LOVE picture number 2! Thank you for posting that one. Of all the poses I can see a boy in this one is tops. He is such a cutie and is right in my AOA and that probing hand is so damn intoxicating. I love imagining the others watching and what might be going on in his mind. And, of course, what the outcome of all that touching was!

  4. Welcome! smile hug Yes Vladik was a gorgeous naturist! Sadly he’s passed away a few years ago! But thankfully pictures and videos of him remain! Rest in peace Valdik! cry

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