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  1. pretty …please I’ve a question thus has being bothering me since I saw this blog at first I thought it was for boys not men until I saw the introduction forum and the messages there my mouth was on the floor I was surprised but thank goodness I saw boys of my age…and now again these boy models like Scotty my fave and this one are the homosexuals(I used this word because it is less offensive)or bisexuals like I’m or do they just publish the photographs of themselves for popularity and also the pictures of boys that are been posted daily are they all gay as well..I hope I’ll not be misunderstood please I need answers (smile)

    • I not sure if I understood your question, but here we go…
      First of all this blog is thinking for any person that loves “the beauty of boys”, does not matter how old they are.
      We don’t really can know if these boys are or not gay (this word isn’t offensive), they did not take these photos by themselves, they are models and photos was taken by “professional” photographers. good

    • OMG definitely disagree! The bucket or bowl or Dutch boy hair style is one of my favorite things out of the 70s and 80s soooooo many very cute boys of Tv and Movies had the style back then! Favorites Danny Cooksie (younger) Justin Cooper (Movie Lier Lier etc.) Danny Pinturo (TVs Who’s the boss and Movie Cujo etc.) And many many many other cute little boys! Just saying it isn’t a bad hair style! But everyone don’t have the same likes of boys hair styles! smile

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