15 thoughts on “On the beach (11)

  1. Lol joker your name describes your character ( laughing)..the boy in pic1looks lonely I’ll love to spend the whole day with him just him and I on the beach so romantic isn’t it??

  2. Muchachomalo are the hottest boxers for boys (and its name ins spanish means something really nody, hehe) . Look how they look on that last boy! Too bad they only sell those in Europe, i would love to get some for myself sad Anyway, boys 7 and 9 are the best looking in my opinion, but it is a really hard choise to make between all these lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes he dose and night ware also really nice stuff he’s a really nice guy met him once after a match in Manchester he had lots of time for the fans unfortunately he didn’t have those gorgeous sons at the time laugh

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