16 thoughts on “selfies

  1. La foto novena en línea recta descendente donde aparece el niño de ojos azules me llama la atención el color de sus ojos los labios pintados y su ropa interior de color rosado.

  2. seriously we boys don’t need babysitters no matter how little we are I can’t even imagine what happened to my close friend his babysitter was a pedophile maniac really crazy you know the rest I never had a babysitter I’m either at school or at the play ground but since I turned 11 I stopped doing that I stay at home alone and watch movies(party)…and also I love the boy with red lips can I kiss those??

  3. shock hang on a damned minute! Did I see that right? Red lip stick and a pink waste band?!? Hmmm? Photoshop or just a cutie that definitely loud and proud? Anyway definitely cuties up in this mix! good yes

  4. The lipstick guy might just be trying it out — doesn’t mom do it every day??? Is that REALLY Colin Ford from ‘Under The Dome” ??? I love him in that series (the one thing out of that series I did like). good

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