29 thoughts on “…And Who Would You Like to Baby-Sit? 1,2 or 3?

  1. Just based on these photos alone … which of course aren’t enough to Know … I’d say #1 is the liveliest and most fun, #2 is the quietest and most pensive and #3 is the sexiest and most developed/mature (physically and mentally). Physically, I am most attracted to #3; but my choice for babysitting is #2. More than the other two, I think he needs an understanding and loving man in his life. He has things on his mind that he needs help sorting out and could use a roomy lap for cuddling. Oh and I do think his almost feminine pose with his hand on his hip is kind of sexy. Yeah … I got all that from one shaded image … such an imagination, I know.

  2. I’d go for one because I think he might want to lay down next to me. He looks like that kind of person. He must be proud of his thing because look at the way he is posing! I’d have a good time babysitting him.

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