Angelic looking!

Here is another beauty!! smile
If someone has more pics of this boy or knows where to find it, please let me know!

Regardless this, please share your thoughts! ^^

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31 thoughts on “Angelic looking!

  1. Yeah, didn’t find anything too.
    Too much beautifulness and no one knows him? :/
    Too bad but, beautifulness not in vain certainly! I could just stand looking for his awesome hypnotizing eyes for hours!! ^^

  2. I don’t know his name, but I think that he used to appear sometimes, with another boy called Duncan. They are both beautiful, but the Russian boys often have bruises, and what look like cigarette burns. They often look tired, and defeated. I am sorry if that offends Russian readers, but it is my observation

  3. I agree on the nude is the way we’re born! yes But also know laws of the US & other countries! I don’t know if the subject matter of what the pictures are matters? Like I know nudist nudism naturist pictures aren’t child porn! So not sure if the blog host would delete page or not? But it’s a really big risk! I for one definitely don’t want to see this blog taken down! I recall a few years back a man called “Nudist John” had a agreement with AVON films the ones where you can watch Valdik etc. He posted pictures of nudist nudism naturist boys for he openly admitted he is a BL! It was an awesome site then deleted but he came back with different blog host but had legal notice about posting such pictures on a blog! The new site was up for about a month then gone and “Nudist John” was never seen again! I don’t know if law got involved and he disappeared because of it or if he actually went to jail? So yes nude pictures of children are a huge risk on a public blog!

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