Cute blond boy

Known under the name of Jack, I know that almost all of you know him but he is so cute and deserve to be posted over and over again.

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48 thoughts on “Cute blond boy

  1. Yes, Jack is definitely a pretty one … and a little cheeky, too, I think. I suspect he knows exactly how suggestive he is being with that banana. I too have enjoyed some of his other pictures. I seem to remember a series where he is holding an ice-cream cone in one hand and in the other he’s … not that blush … but close … watering some beach plants. laugh

  2. wow kinda tall very sexy nice poses he is cute and he looks even sexier with bananas well who know he might also look sexy with strawberries and the rest of them lol

  3. J’aime bien la manière de se petit blondinet qui mange sa banane avec délicatesse et tendresse . J’aime bien comment il est à l’onger sur le banc bans sont petit slip de bain sexy.

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