Hello everyone. Eugene here really excited for this special post. Thank you all for sending me your questions, although I must admit i excpected more people to ask me, but well.

sachax99 asked:

When did you realize that you was attracted to boys ? when i was 12
Are you regularly doing some kind of sport or other outdoor activities? Nah, I am too lazy for that stuff to be honest, haha. I’m not a sporty boy.


gary asked:

are you one of the boys in you Avatar? No, but i would love to be as hot as any of them

jouchBoy asked:

ur AOA?I like boys from 7 to 16 yo. I guess my favorite favorite ages are 8 to 12 yo.


DreamBoy asked:

How old are you? 16, as I have stated several tiems before


dylancole asked:

what your taste in boys?  I’m not really picky. I like any kind of boys as  long as they are 7-16yo and NOT asians. I can fidn some black boys cute too but i am generally not attracted to them. Not being racist, I don’t hate them, i just don’t find them as pretty. Long hair, girly faces and boys sagging their colorful undies are also bonus points, hehe.

I wear briefs, and you? Mostly boxer briefs,  but only beause of peer pressure. I Like wearing cartoon briefs way better but i fear someone at school finds out and makes fun of me. I also have 2 thongs and a size 6 boxer short and 3 more size 12. The boxer shorts are too small for me saddly, but liek to wear them because I really liek how i look in them, and i never wear my thongs, well, for obvious reasons. I would also love to have some cartoon diapers to wear too.

Well, that’s it. I know most of you guys are not interested in this post, but those who sent me questions, i appreciate that you want to know me better (: It makes me feel even more accepted by the blog.

Anyway, to compensate your caring for me, and also for  wasting the time of those who are not interested in knowing me, my next post will be a reeeaalllyyy requested one. Can you guys guess what post I am talking about? No? Well, here is a major hint and teaser (;


I know this is not his best pic (still, he can never be ugly), but i loved how his eyes and eyelashes look in this one more than usual.

Well, I hope you are exited for my next post, and sorry for the long post and thanks for taking your time in knowing me (:




18 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Sorry that I didn’t ask you anything but be sure you’re welcome here and not annoying anyone, at least not me smile
    I’d love to know if you have a friend or if there’s someone who you would love to have as your friend.
    I must admit I don’t use that pm function too often, so if you want to talk, you can try there, but skype would probably be better.
    I speak german, french and english and can read spanish, italian, latin and wven ancient greek laugh

    • … No, but i certanly wish i was such a beautiful boy. His name is Jonah, he is a 13 yo youtuber, and i have made 2 posts dedicated to my baby (that is how i call him, i like him relaly much). I invite you to check my said posts, i think you too will fall in love with him.

  2. Thanks for the Q and A Assyboy. It’s a shame that bikini style undies aren’t popular here as in europe. Those are my fave. My aoa is 3-10 or 12, but mostly like smooth and hairless, and not asian nor black(like yourself). I could go older if they were girly looking, but would have to convince them to shave ;)

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