Time to say goodbye

Dear visitors,

It’s time to say goodbye… to the lay-out of the current blog. The last few weeks a lot of time has been put in a new design and the improvement of existing features. To ensure a good implementation of the renewed Boys of Beauty-Community, it is unavoidable to shut down the site next Monday and Tuesday. Those days we need to replace old files by the newer ones and a lot of check ups will follow to make sure we didn’t forget an important thing!


For those who can’t wait to discover the new website within some days, here a some changes:

  • Improved display of unread forum threads
  • Personal profile page (optionally filled by users itself)
  • Compact and clear navigation to the main pages of the site.

So, the next few days you have to miss us, but we will be back!

See ya!

24 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. It´s really exciting to wait for the new design, as gazza says, Thank you for all the old things, I am sure the new format will be one step to the front. Hals und Beinbruch !!! Thank you very much ! Love from Peru. Hasta pronto amigos !! drinks cry cry hug

  2. You all do what you gotta do to improve the blog! Long as it’ll be back I’m not gonna freak out! This blog rules and I for one don’t ever want to have to actually say goodbye and mean it! I think I can say we all heart you for creating it! Be well fellow BLs until the update is fulfilled! smile

  3. Hi, what about all pictures here? will you upload them again or will everyone have to start over with their posts? And btw what a wonderful website this is. I totally love it. Thanks to everyone working on making it so great and also thanks to all the members that posts and writes in the forum. Hugs <3

  4. Well I’m all for improving the site as best as you can.So even though the next few days will be rough,without my beloved the beauty of boys I’ll know that it will be back brighter and more amazing than EVER BEFORE.

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