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Sometimes, the most beautiful things are the most innocent things, and they keep passing us by. I won’t let them pass you by” – Logan

Wild Tigers I have known (2006) is a a lyrical telling of the coming of age of a 13-year-old boy, Logan, who learns to cope with his new-found sexual identity, the hell of middle school, wild mountain lions, life with his single mother, and his unrequited love for the cool kid in school.


If we both pretend that there was an end, then maybe there really will be a beginning. And it will start with us, running away together. Off, off, off. Far, far, far away. And we’ll live with the lions and sleep in trees. Just sleep, that’s all we need.” – Logan.


Logan, soft-spoken and lonely, is a boy with a crush. Unlike his equally lonely friend Joey, who obsesses over the sexual exploits of the slightly older, post-pubescent boys, Logan is fixated on the boys themselves–particularly Rodeo Walker. Rodeo is the only one of the group of cool kids who shows any friendliness towards Logan, meaning he does not go out of his way to make Logan’s life miserable. As Logan and Rodeo strike-up a mismatched friendship, the kind that only works on taking deep walks into the forest when no one else is around.


Do you think about breaking things? We could break things. Hearts? Don’t break my heart…” – Logan.


Can we be evil together? I want to be evil with you.” – Logan.

Beautiful imagery and sharp performances make Wild Tigers a memorable film from first-time director Cam Archer. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Sometimes, I worry that I won’t have good stories to tell my kids. Like, I won’t have good stories about being a kid, that other people like, you know? It’ll just be boring. It’ll just be boring…” – Logan.

14 thoughts on “Watchlist: Wild Tigers I have known

  1. Is there already something like a watchlist topic in the forum? Cause I haven’t had the chance to get to know many good films yet sad
    On the other hand there are some that I can recommend.

  2. This is on my list of great films. I also recommend Tree of Life (USA) and Klown (Denmark), also La Gloire de Mon Pere (France). Plenty of European films show boys at their best if you know what I mean!

  3. O my! i remember i found out about this movie a year ago or two and i started watching it but never finishe it. I remember i really liekd the scene in which Logan is in a dressing room in his boxers, i got happy the moment the cameras showed that scene, haha.

  4. I remember reading a review of this film in the papers in 2006.The year it was released.Then some years later watching clips on youtube I think.I liked what I saw then and I’m sure I’ll like it now.

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