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This is an amazing song and video from the Iceland band Sigur Ros. Two boys fall in love… Not sure you can use this link everywhere, if not search Viorar vel til loftarasa. Performed by Sigur Ros. I hope you like it as much as I do. Lars

sigur Ros

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  1. Lots of great symbolism. Notice how often the father has his hand in a fist, even when simply walking to a soccer match. Life for that boy must be a nightmare. And I loved the bit with the tumbling Bible; a comment on the useless passivity of the Church in this situation.

  2. English translation
    Good Weather For Airstrikes

    Versions: #1#2
    I put myself forward over the head,halfway backward
    See myself singing the gospel hymn we wrote together

    We had a dream,we had all

    We rode to the end of the world,we rode searching
    Climbing skyscrapers
    Which then shattered the peace there
    I played steady

    Falling down,I will let myself forward,and somehow
    I always come down again in the same place

    Absolute silence
    No words

    The best thing that God has created is a new day

    Submitted by Dunkel Engel on Sun, 10/02/2013 – 23:53

    Taken from

  3. Really beautiful and sentimental video ): However, i think it is unrealistic because most gay boys theyr ages can’t find a boyfriend, lucky these ones did. And, did i see some tounge at 5:46 shock ? blum

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