Jonah 2!

It is finally here! Due to popular demand, i am posting more swet pictures of my favorite cute youtuber boy, Jonah! I hope you like the post as much or more as you liked the first one so i can keep posting more of him!









Yes, he IS wearing makeup. He looks pretty even as a girl.

jonah17I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know which picture of my platonic you liked the most (:


17 thoughts on “Jonah 2!

    • Agree, he needs no make up, but hey, maybe if all girls where as pretty as Johana ( hehe laugh , get it? girl jonah?) i would like girls too! He makes a beatiful girl too (he already has lovely girly eyes, so that;s not much to say)

    • I am in the same dilemma as you. I can never decide which picture or video of him i like the most! my platonic love is so gorgeous he makes it hard even for me to say when he looks prettier.

  1. He’s a cute boy with a handsome and expressive face. I am most drawn to the first photo because it makes me stop and wonder what he is saying with that expression. My imagination is coming up with a variety of possibilities. I am also amused and curious about his experimentation with make-up in that shot. Thanks for sharing your special boy. smile

    • I agree. He has the gun just for aesthetic, because beleive me, if he was really a badboy cowboy of the wild west, he would need no gun to kill. He would only need to look people direclty into their eyes and give them a warm hug for them to pass out because of his beauty.

    • Wo, that’s a little offensive, it is my baby jonah you are talking about ): he is no clown! (well, he is really funny, but not the point!) It was not self induced by the way, you can see it in one of his videos. I do agree however in the fact that he ahs great potential to cross dress.

      • No offense assyboy what I ment is that the make up was not professionally applied by a make up artist. It could have been done with better taste. I like boys with make up if done right. And don’t be greedy I think we all love jonah.

        • Well, it wasn’t intended to be professional, it was for his sister’s (and our) entertainment. Yes, no doubt he would look better with a better done make up, but well, he really does not need any to look pretty. Of course we all love him, who wouldn’t? Just look at that sweet, inocent little face!

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