22 thoughts on “OMG 2 Days Without Blog!

  1. I know Jake, it’s gonna be hard, but think of all the excitement when we get to see the new/improved blog. It will be a gift we can all enjoy opening.

    Many, many thanks to Sascha and all those that keep the blog running. heart

  2. I love the picture … the top half makes me laugh laugh and also agree with the sentiment. shock The bottom half just makes me growl softly. blum

    Yes … many thanks to Sascha & co for the time, effort and caring he (they) put into this Blog. good hug

  3. Oh, worry not boys, I know you 2 ar worried, but the blog will get even better, believe it or not. Plus, if you don;t know what will you 2 do those days, you can alwas come to my house and we 3 can have some good fun and we can do some boy stuff in my bedroom too laugh Out of my fictional talk with these handsome hotties, thanks for this blog sacha and co. Ever since i found it and i became a member, i feel more happy (: I hope that the new blog will make more BL pals feel happy too.

  4. I didn’t understand the title of this post until I saw Kasper’s post about site maintenance. Now I get it!! I rarely ever say this, but thank goodness I have to work the next few days. That will alleviate some of the homesickness.

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