22 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Thank you all, for your words, now we have to wait 2 days. I´m sure we all are going to enjoy, the new design of Sascha and Kasper for this blog. So, Good by for All !! Love from Peru. good drinks hug cry

  2. I love boy #1 heart
    His hair, his pecs and his slim, but muscular torso are so damn hot! And he looks so heart melting cute heart

    But the other ones are also impressive. Many adorable boys. Thanks smile

  3. Boys 3, 6., 10 and 11 are my fav. I love the confidence of boy 10 to wear a tiara and not be affraid to show the world how much of a beautiful princes he is! I wouldn’t mind being his prince laugh

    • That is correct assyboy, we say in spanish >La vaca se olvida que también fue ternerathe cow do not remember, that she also was a veal<, in spanisch sounds better. Thanks for your words assyboy. Love from Peru. good drinks

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