19 thoughts on “Tongues (2)

  1. *Me as i went through the pst* : “This one will be easy to pick! The prettiest boy will be boy #1, no way there comes a prettier one than him after!” *scrolls down* “Okay, maybe i was wrong, boys in #3 are prettier” *scrolls down* “but wait, um, boy #4 is the sexiest, right? no way soemthing better comes” *sees #5* “…” *the same story with the rest of the pictures* *reaches end of post* “O dammit! f*ck it! all of these boys are gorgeous! i can’t decide which one is prettier! i’ll make it a draw within all of them!” REALLY good pictures! thanks for sahring. So much tounge action has left me imagining some scenarios with these boys in my room.

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