Welcome :)

Sorry, it took so long. But today, we had to mix the cocktails for you. And as the number of visitors of the blog increases every day, we had to make a lot of drinks. So here they are! Shaken, not stirred. Grab cocktail of the table and start your tour. Discover the blog. Meet everybody again; the ones you’ve met in the forum and the ones in the amazing pictures that still can be found at the renewed blog.


We do need a drink! It has been tough. Things we hoped that would work, didn’t and we had to start all over again to search for a new solution which we found most of the time.

So, what’s new?

  • A small set of rules for the community is set up.
  • Inappropriate comments in blog posts can be reported by any registered member.
  • The forum is redesigned and has currently five sub forums. All existing topics have got a place there.
  • The visibility of unread topics has been improved.
  • To keep sight on the main line in a topic, there is also the possibility to quote another member.
  • Every registered member has access to a personal profile page where he can add some information. A profile page can be reached by clicking on the name of someone in a post or comment.
  • Tutorials will guide you through the process of making a post for the member blog or uploading pictures for the ‘Picture Battles’ and the ‘Picture of the week’.
  • And last but not least, the better integration of the member blog, the events and the PM-messages system.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Welcome back and enjoy!

Kasper & Sascha

39 thoughts on “Welcome :)

  1. Thank you Sascha and Kasper for this new beginnig, I had 2 days, very bad days without the blog. Finally you are here again ! I did not find >Submit a Post<. I hope is still comming, despite the fact that (wenn gleich) I have a lot of post not published. Welcome again !!! good smile drinks hug Love from Peru.

  2. I will,and have missed the old lay out ! But the new design of the blog is very neat and impressive although I will need some time to explore !
    A very good effort indeed so thanks as always to Sascha and also Casper for all the hard work ! good

  3. I like the new look, its great!

    But I keep encountering “connection timed out” when I try to navigate around the site. Why does my connection absolutely suck now? I’m highly frustrated atm >.>

  4. SO glad your back! You never know how much something is apart of your life, until it’s gone! I was lost for 2 whole days! Oh yes, and the new look is great! Thanks Sascha and Kasper for all your hard work! a hug for each of you! hug hug

  5. What can i say that hasn’t already been said … good job is an understatement . Awesome amazing superb brilliant job Sascha and Kasper . Thank you so much for the new site. .

  6. First…..Gorba Vodka……add…Tonic water…..FRUIT…DRINK…! The BoyBartender is happy…..Farmer Ted ! Easy now !…JUMP into the water…..Our farmer Always loved water and VODKA drinks….GOD BLESS RUSSIA !…..THANKS BROTHERS !!!! MANY THANKS !….milk-farmer TED….BoyBARTENDER….Jonathan….

  7. Wow, the torturous long wait certainly was worth it! The new layout is amazing! Thank you Sacha and crew for caring about keeping this amazing blog running and always kooking better with time! Congratulations on this new phase of the site and my best wishes! May the blog go on for a lot more of time, my BL friends! drinks heart

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