15 thoughts on “Boy Model Nico

  1. OMG you just posted one of my favorite MAJOR crushes EVER!!!!
    This boy is simply perfection at its best!!!!
    Thank you for the post!! smile
    I read once that he is from Czech Republic. I have wondered what his age is now and what he looks like now.

  2. Nico is a stunning and beautiful boy and I love the fact that he looks so happy and cheerful-he is so full of life! His body is just amazing for such a young boy and in this respect he could put many of the older boys to shame. I fell head over heels in love with this kid the first time I saw him and I still believe that he is one of the loveliest and most attractive boys on this site. If ever I tire of this world and think that all its beauty has gone, I will only have to look at Nico in order to realize that things are not so bad after all! hug hug hug heart inlove

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