Let’s celebrate!

This is my first post since the site was remodeled. I really like how it looks! Coungratulations to Sacha and co. for keeping this amazing site up and looking better every time! This is the beggining of a new phase for the blog, a blog in which we have made many new friends an people who understand and appreciate us. This means this blog is about to receive many new users who i can’t hope to befriend and also many new and great posts of boys whose beauty i can’t imagine. For this new and better times,  it is appropiate for me to celebrate the new layout with another post about frienship











This pic is a classic

I hope you liked the “friendly” pics. Once agains, thanks Admins for the remodelation. Cheers, and i hope and i hope the blog lives for many more time and that more BL brothers are able to feel comfortable in here. A BIG HURRA FOR “THE BEAUTY OF BOYS”!

11 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate!

    • aawww, thanks, thats nice of you to say. I’m glad i have an admiror in here. It feels good to know you like my posts. Sure, i will chek your post (: Picture 8 surelly is a good pic. both boys seem to enjoy being shirtless while near eachother.

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