12 thoughts on “My little buddy (first post)

  1. Sorry Leume, but that posting just really ticked me off, a boy’s face is one of the most beautiful features they have, if you do not want to show it, fine, do not show it, but don’t pixilate the picture, just do not post it. The same goes for pictures with the head cut off.

      • @Leume, In my opinion you are very welcome here, I don’t think anyone meant to make you feel otherwise. But you have to remember this site was built for boylovers and others to enjoy the beauty of boys, if you’re going to hide or distort that beauty then it takes away from the purpose of the site.

  2. I actually like these pics,I understand why you would not want to show his face.Perhaps you could ask your friend for permission to post some pics of him with his face showing,I don’t know. But welcome to the blog anyway !

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