13 thoughts on “Boy-Mix1

  1. What a lovely collection of cuties. #1 is cute; but he looks a little apprehensive. sad Tightie-whities have always been a favourite of mine; and #2 wears them nicely. yes #3 is very cute and has a cheeky, “I dare you” smile. smile #4 is a particularly cute picture of Florian’s little brother Damien … sweet. Adorable Kis in #5 is a longtime favourite of mine. Aww … #6 looks lonely or bored … and very cute. #7 is happily munching away. I wonder if he has something I could nibble on, too. ;) (Wink) blum And what lovely buns so tightly packaged in # 9. I pick # 6 & 7 as my favourites, I think. Thanks for sharing these delightful photos, DARELL. good

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