18 thoughts on “Gingerbread Boys

  1. Wow, this gas got to be the best looking ‘Blood Nut’ boy I have ever seen. Truly huggable heart
    In Australia we nickname red haired boys ‘Blood Nut’ and also ‘Blue’, ‘Carrot Top’, or ‘Rusty’. In school we used to have red haired boy we called ‘Ginger Nuts’ – I’ll leave that to your imagination, but Leon was very a cute boy.

    Is this similar for European folk?
    What are some of the nicknames the rest of the world called red haired beauties? laugh

  2. Every last single one! I just heart redheads! There’s just that diablo about them that’s attractive! One of my 1st times was with redhead named Zachariah he was 9 I was 10 and oh yeah he was damned fine!! heart Miss those days every other weekend we’d make heart! He was my awakening to the fact I just adore boys! heart hug yes good blum Heck I am one! laugh

  3. Number 2 is one of my all time favorite red tops, I have an inkling he is from somewhere in Russia (there is a Russian region where red heads are common), there are more of him out there, does anyone no more?

  4. I’ve always been fascinated with redheaded boys, too. The combination of the beautiful, vibrant-coloured hair and the fair skin is breath-taking; and along with that, there will be rosier pink than usual hidden treasures. blush All the boys here are totally delightful; but I absolutely heart #4. blum I’m imagining soft curls of red hair just sprouting in areas of mystery, too. smile

  5. i have no word, i am speechlesch beacuse of all these cuties! shock i can’t decide which ginger is the prettiest! all of the mare just perfect in their own way! just wow heart! the only comment that comes to my mind, is that the last 2 lads are amazlingly well hung and equipped! and i really liked boy #4 undies, they are reallu cute and cool, same for the alst 2 boys again. Amazing post, really not much more to say. Thank you really much for sharing.

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