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  1. Justin, Great pics. I assume you watch the show, I do. But the writers are starting to anger me, they serve up this hot budding romance between two very hot boys and now Jude/Connor barely have any scenes on the show. But I love Jude (Hayden Byerly), so I keep watching just for a glimpse of him. I think he might be gay in real life, if not he is a great actor because he plays the part perfectly.

  2. I had heard of this show but had never seen any of it till i watched this video. I spent most of the evening last night watching everything I could find on it. It truly is a wonderful show. It brought back so many memories and old feelings about the first boy I thought I was in love with. I remember all the excitement and the tension and the fear. I like him, but does he like me. Ok, he likes me but does he like me the same way I like him. I want so bad to touch him but if I do will he hate me or hit me or tell people i’m queer. Then the night it happened the first time. It was short and awkward and weird and neither one of us really had a clue what we were doing or trying to do but it was so wonderful and I loved it and at the time I thought he did too but then there was the two weeks after that he wouldn’t talk to me or be around me and I thought he hated me. He finally came back around and told me he was just scared. Scared that he liked it too much, scared that someone would find out. Scared that I hated him for what he done to me. I told him I was scared too but he hadn’t done anything to me that I didn’t want him to or that I didn’t want him to do again and that we could be really careful so that no one else found out abut us and things got a little easier for a while but we were so afraid of getting caught that we stopped after a few times. It was 40 years ago and the world we lived in back then would not have been nearly as kind to two gay boys as it is today.
    I said all that to say this. Its a wonderful show and I’m hooked. I think its great that we can have shows like this now where young boys can show their love and boys can watch a show like this and not have to feel that they are weird for having the feelings thy have

  3. I started watching the show oly because i saw this kiss scene. I did liekd the seres overall, but by season 3 it starts to get really repetitive and anoying, and Jonnor and Jude have almost no scenes. Since the first episode, Jude has been my favorite character because he is really cute (both as a person and in his looks) and because i can easily relate to him in many ways.

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