25 thoughts on “Little 8 year old Jonathan in Pampers.

  1. Really no big deal. My son wet the bed for some time. Don’t make a big deal out of it and hurt his feelings. My son was always a very deep sleeper.

  2. Such a cute boy. Whenever i see a cute boy like him in diapers i feel the need to take care of them as if they were actual babies. Boys of all ages look amazing in diapers, but 8 yo bein one of my AOA, i think boys that age look the best wearing them.

  3. I really dig little bed-wetters and though, Goodnites and Underjams are cute as hell too, I really prefer pre-teen boys in baby diapers. I like size 7 Pampers the best! I really wish Huggies and Luvs would make bigger sizes for middle school boys too. This is when baby-sitting becomes some serious fun! I love little diapered butts! Thanks for the comments guys! yes

  4. Awesome post! What a beauty! I think I just fell in love with Jonathan heart
    Love me some diaper boys. This little one needs a nice swat on that big old padded butt!
    What is not to like about an 8 year old boy who needs a little extra help and attention when it comes to wetting?

  5. Little diaper boys grow up to be big diaperboys, and they often like looking back, and remembering the good old days (or not so good old days if parents didn’t like it). Diapers are one of the biggest fetishes of all, with millions into it, if you would believe, with a lot of businesses devoted to these needs and desires.

    Jonathan has always been a favorite of mine, and there is a good chance he still loves his diapers.

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