42 thoughts on “The fountain of youth :)

  1. really sexy body and cute face. Tiny bikini-like undies are one of the best swimsuits for boys withouth a doubt, and this one in paticular looks really sexy in red and all wet. yum

    • i agree. You see in picture 1 how behind the boy’s cute feet there is a waterfall-thingy? That is how my mouth looks after this post: my mouth is spilling tons and tons of salive because of this tasty nice boy!

  2. For me, this boy is perfect! heart he has just a little bit of muscle definition that i think adds to his cute sexiness, which is good, that means he doesn’t sit on the couch playing video game all the time! good

  3. [email protected] |

    imgsrc.ru littlebouddha

    • High Ajgreat….i fell deep, deeply in love when i was fifteen. He was an 11 years old. I hope so much you find your way in life, loving boys. It was for me the most beautiful experience i’ve ever had and belevieve or, i can still cry about it. Not particuarly about him but about the way people think about this kind of love. I’m 35 already and have sometimes a hard time to cope with life. I dont want encourage u, i hope you will live in peace with yourself, no matter what people think about love. Greets Dannym

  4. Littlebuddha is one of my favorite on imgsrc.ru nice to know you are here to even though is seen all you pics this boy in his red undies always been one of my favorite by you thanks for all your hard work you do and I really mean that

  5. eu adoro os braços e a barriga , musculosos, a veia saltada no biceps, me deixa louco…
    eu fico achando que não vou resistir mais, é muita belezura para um menino só laugh heart smile inlove

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