Henry Horn

Hello everyone, I am sorry i have not posted much lately. To make it up, in today’s post i present to you: Henry Horn. Henry is the singer in a german band that has been around for a while and for what  i can tell they are actually reall succesfull there. I have heard some of their songs and they got talent. However, what got me into the their music the most, was Henry’s beautiful and calming face. Here are some pictures of him (when he was younger) so you can judge yourselves. As always, I hope you like him.


messy long hair is the best hair for a boy






he has aged well, but is not the same





Well, let me know what you think of Henry in the comments please. Have a good week everyone!


7 thoughts on “Henry Horn

  1. He was really cute (and judging by the later photo I would say he still is). I never listened to his music, but I did really enjoy him in the film Teufelskicker. yes

    • Omg! that movie ! i will never forget the scene in which his mother comes into his room and thinks he is masturbating! wow! my mind went happy when i saw him do some action with his hand, but saddly, it turned out he was only filling a ball with air dash

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