23 thoughts on “Model Boy Nakita

  1. He has cte eyes and lips and his butt looks incredibly amazing in that blue thong, but it makes me sad to look at his face, he looks like he is being forced to model, he looks like he is suffering just for being there sad

  2. I love Nakita and part of the reason is his delightful, boyish enthusiasm and sense of fun. In some photos he does look tense but mostly these seem to be early in his modelling career. I think that would be natural for most people. I like to think he enjoyed what he was doing and that his delicious beauty can be appreciated just for what it is. heart

  3. Nakita has always been one of my fav along with sonny. I have tons of picts of them both. Nakita has a ass to die for and cute boyish face and a bod that makes my eyes water…. LOVE HIM I WOULD PAY ANYTHING TO HAVE HIM OR SONNY AND I MEAN ANYTHING !!! MY KIK tonyw33

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