Who’s next?…

What boys would you like to see in the next posts

1. Jack, different sets of him; more poses, cute faces, wet body, etc.



2. This cute boy model of Krivon.



3. Andre, other cute boy of Krivon.

Andre 048


4. Beryle, you must know him.



5. Daniel & friend, washing the car and having fun.



6. Fillipo, he has won the POW a couple of times with one of his pictures in blue speedos, maybe you would like to see a bit more of him.



7. He don’t even need introduction, but there’s more pictures of Florian that would be great to see here.

Florian Boy Model (1945)


8. Laurant, maybe you don’t know him very well, so it’s time to do it.



9. Nakita, one more of the list that I think and hope don’t be wrong, that is well known.




10. Pascal, a boy with freckles and brackets.



Comment below what boys would you like to see this week. I also will post a link with entire set(s) of the boy that you choose for each day.

Finally I just want you to remember the rules, by the same reasons these boys will be only published with studio photos and modeling, nothing more than that will appear here.

Decide and enjoy smile

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