14 thoughts on ““FAME” – Remember these school boy crushes?

  1. Yep! 1 Boy Meets World Fred Savage lil bro and Milokocis or however it’s spelled?!? 2 Dylan & Cole Sprouse around the time of Just done Grace under fire and filming of Big Daddy! 3 Matthew Lawrence older! 4 Matthew’s older brother Give me a break Joey Lawrence! 5 Justin B oh baby baby yuck! 6 David Gallagher 7th Heaven! 8 No damned clue LOL!

  2. All of these were so hot back in there prime. I used to buy those teen magazines and have a good time going thru them. My bedroom wall was covered in those posters. Good times. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

      • It was a an autograph party before the concert. He had those tight jeans they used to wear and a blue and black plaid shirt. I had a bunch of pictures but they got lost when I left for a few years and my family moved a few times. I came back and the whole album was gone. I am so pissed to this day about that. He was so sweet. He had a beautiful smile and twinkle in his eyes. He must have been 12 yrs old.

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