Nico & Milan!!

Here I proudly show you the two model boys that I probably LOVE the most!!!!!!!!
Maybe because I know them long ago or maybe just because of their perfect faces! But the truth is I have no words to describe how beautiful they seem to me!
The first is known as Nico. The second one I know him as Milan.
Maybe for you they are nothing that special but, in my opinion their magnificence is something beyond awesome!! What I wouldn’t do to just simply hug them!!
Share your thoughts. smile

nicocd02_45 nicocd01_58 nicocd01_55 nicocd01_15 milancd02_33 milancd02_85 milancd04_04 milancd04_40 milancd01_62 milancd01_56

10 thoughts on “Nico & Milan!!

  1. Ambos meninos são os meus favoritos, eu esatava procurando mais imagens deles, mas não encontrei em outros sitios, aqui encontrei algumas novas suas. Obrigado por compartilhar essas belas imagens smile

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