‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

In the last survey these beautiful photos have won.

The new POW will start tomorrow


First placed submitted by “Nancy” smile



First placed submitted by “bullseye” smile



The third winner is submitted by “Argos” smiletmp_15398-1-150G61433261273903350-666x5001

And here my additional favourite submitted by “Maxie” smileghjh

Many thanks to the winner and all the other participants. :cool:

Many more beautiful pictures of this survey you can find here.

All participants and results.

I think all would have deserved to win sad

___All previous winners___

13 thoughts on “‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

  1. All of these boys are very cute indeed.But I must say that I’m more partial to the first and seconds boys.#1 because he’s wet and I do so love wet boys.His little wet weewee in his shorts is HOTT.AND#2 has a nice plump bubble-butt that’s really huggin those speedos.Also the photo with the title maxie is way way cute.I wanna so play with that boys balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with this ranking, really good picks, picture one is ssoooo sexy, but i feel bad for Tristan, he is my favorite model along with Spencer, he has such beautiful face and confidence and hot body. This week was definetly a hard choose.

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