15 thoughts on “Cute underwear model

    • Lo se, este nene es una lindura completa. Su color de piel tan exquisito, y me encantan los nenes con tanta confidencia sobre sus bellos cuerpos. Y ademas este chavo si que se ve muy bien dotado de abajo. Bultote que se veia es su ropa interior. Excelente video.

  1. WOW, I’m glad I watched this all the way through, when it started I was like that’s a girl not a boy, then it switched to him. He is amazing. I’d love to see more videos/pictures of him

  2. He is so well hunged shock heart ! I could not stop getting impressed by the size of his bulge under that hot undies. His skin is so sexyly tanned, and a confident boy is always hot. With such a fit and irresistible body, i think he has a lifetime underwear modeling career garanteed good

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