Hot boy Kol

As I teased in my last post, today i bring to you one of the best boys in the internet. I can’t say he is cute, or that he is beautiful or pretty… HE IS HOT AND SEXY AND HANDSOME AND YFIT AND YUMMY!!!!! He is 13 (now, but these pics are from when he was 11 and 12) and i think it should be illegal for such a young boy to be this hot!!!! He is sexy and he knows it and is not afraid to show it. He is sucha teaser and a show-off, he loves to share pics of his fit abbs and is alwats sagging his pretty undies. Heck, he even twerks in a video.


Good eyes and lips? check



Cool nice hair? check



Attitude, legs and style? check



Lots of fans and charm? check



Likes to twerk? CHECK



Sexy confidence? BIG CHECK



Eyebrows and lashes? check



Such a hot lip bite <3



He knows you want him.

This is it for today. Don’t worry, i still got many pics of the attention seeker Kol that i can sahre if you want. He has an instagram and a YT channel. I highly recommend you all to check him out, his voice is once of the sweetest things ever <3 He even got a video in which he talks about how much his fans tell him they want to suck him and how much he loves to “drown in p**sy”, as he said. Only 13 and he got lot of action, but who can blame this babe?
Sorry for so much text, but this boy drives me more CRAZY every time. Let me know what you think of him in the comments. Peace out BOB! (read in Jonah’s voice).

31 thoughts on “Hot boy Kol

  1. Wow! Kol has the whole package. Your comments under the pics are apposite and describe all the outstanding characteristics of him. Beautiful eyes and lips, great attitude, ripped abs…
    He is just my type! What a boy heart
    So HOT!!!

    • Sorry. Actually, ironically, the pictures are way bigger, but i sized them down because i thought they would be too big, but apparently they are too small for people to enjoy correctly, haha. Well, i will have your comment in consideration for my future posts. Thank you for the suggestion Kasper.
      PS. i don’t know if this is your case, but maybe they are too smalll because you might be browsing from a phone and i use a computer, so maybe the problem is your screen’s size.

      • @assyboy,
        I think Kasper is referring to the actual size of your pics, not how they might appear on a phone or computer screen. If you will look at other posts, the pics cover quite a bit of the screen most are the size of a 4 inch x 6 inch picture, where yours are only 2 inch x 2.5 inch.

        • Thanks for the explanation, but i did understood what he ment. Honeslty i did not realised how small my pics are in comparation with other user’s posts, and i sincerely appreciate and thank Kasper for his constuctive comment. I will make my pics bigger from now on.

  2. Hey everybody, I am glad you all liked Kol really much smile He deserves to be loved after all, with such a hot body. And worry not, i still have material for at least 2 more Kol posts good

    However, if you want a link to his social medias, please don’t just leave a comment asking for them in here. Send me a PM directly so that it is easier for me to send you back the links, instead of going copypasting name by name into the “TO:…” box. I hope you understand and that i don’t sound mean, it is only for me to make the procces faster and more productive. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the posts.

    • aawww, thanks really much doone, and while i really like him, i must agree to disagree with you in this one. No boy will ever have a more special place in my heart than my baby Jonah heart heart

  3. PM is Private Message, to send your post to the Member Blog, you have to be logged, after that clic on Let´s start, than clic add media , and select file ( hier you choose your pics), at the end >insert into post Submitt<. That´s all ! You are Welcome @GREY@. good

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