19 thoughts on “Sporty Saturday :)

  1. My favorite is the cute brownish curly haired boy.He looks about 13.God he’s so cute,he’s skinny too just the kind of boys I like.Since he’s a runnner I guess that is why he’s so slim.Slim but cute.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more photos of him.

  2. Beautiful athletic boys. I love to see the boys compete in sports and stay in amazing shape.
    We have to thank the parents of these boy for being so supportive of their kids in sports.
    Competitive sports are good for both mind and body.

  3. Remember this, to send a good post, first You have to see all the pics you are gonna send, second, you make the entrance, the first pic has to atract the blogger, third, than good pics, and finally, at the end the best picture that You have by you. It is not a secret. But I have to tell you, that Sascha knows how to suit perfectly the pics. Tks Sascha for so lovely post. Love from Peru. drinks yes good good Daumen Hoch !

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