Boys in boxers

Hello. This time i decided to go for a classic kind of post. Just a plain “boys in boxers” one. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. (PS. I know some of them have a bad quality. Sorry for that)


Maybe a little too old. But he has a hot body.





I like cute butts and i cannot lie (:





Pink boxers. A sissy boy is a good boy.


I <3 really small undies


Hope you liked.
Last post i received comments about the small size of my pics. I tried to make my pics bigger this time, so maybe they are too big. Please leave some nice comments below about what do you think about the new sizes.
Also, for my next post, what would you like it to be about? a specific boy (Jonah, Kol), a specific kind of undies (boxers, briefs, diapers) or young gay friendship and love?

30 thoughts on “Boys in boxers

  1. Buen día amigo con unas sugerencias gracias por sus publicaciones pero en lo personal a mi me gustan las fotos grandes y de preferencia horizontales. La segunda sugerencia es a mi me gustan ver fotos pero que los niños ya no usen o aparezcan con pañales sino con bañadores o ropa interior o con pantalones cortos no importa siempre que estén bien tomadas las fotos.

    • Gracias por tu comentario, pero me parece que solo has hablado de tus preferencias y gustos y no realmente de algun comentario que me ayude a mejorar mis posts. Ademas, en lo personal, me encantan los ninos en pañales, se ven tan lindos, aunque tambien me gusta un buen nene en unos sexis banadores y ropa interior muy pequena y ajustada.

        • aaaww, thank you gary, really nice coment, although i don’t think armored is any asshole, i am sincerely asking him if he would like my pics to be bigger. And hey, I am telling you thos as a friend: please calm down, i get you are angry because one of your pics was taken down, but understand that the adminds did it because they would be at risk if they left you pic online. The site is already in danger because of how popular it has become in the last 2 months, so please don’t make it harder for sacha and the others by posting stuff that might put Beauty of Boys in risk. A picture of mine was also taken down, but i am not angry, sure, he was a really cute boy, but the admins know what they do.

    • wo, i actually got a little disapointed when i read your first sentence sad but then i read it all and i was like: oowww, what a cruel yet sweet of saiying so. Well, thank you toby for your nice comment.Glad to know i have a loyal fan of my work smile . I also like your posts, you have an exquisit taste in boys good
      Yes, boy 3 could be my daddy anytime he wants, i don’t care if he is younger! and boy 5 is just sooo cute, he needs a hug really bad.

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