26 thoughts on “Everywhere are Beautiful Couples

    • My faves in this post are no. 1 (Baca with friend), no. 2 (Scotty with Sean) and no. 3 (Kilian with Magnus). There, where Scotty is, will be always, the best for me. Thank for your comment hardtime. Love from Peru. drinks good acute

  1. Gary, I’m beginning to think you are correct in your thoughts. I’ve posted here twice now and have not seen my pics listed. These too were equal in tone, non sexual, compared to others posts, and yet deemed unacceptable.
    I truly enjoy browsing this blog and had hoped to enjoy the community, but there is a click here that (for whatever reason) seems predudice to the outer of ‘the circle’ sad
    Though it would be nice to feel included, from now on I’ll chose to simply browse, and remain an observer.

    • Munchkin, I am perharps one of the ´ news´ in this blog, you say perharps is a circle in this blog. I do not think so, there are only good people, who help other people. You see a lot of me, because I send post every day, and 3 or 4 posts. I have a very bad problem with my legs and I can not walk too much, I am almost the whole day looking the web searching pics f or all and of course for me. Look, this is a very nice site, consider your words a speak with Sascha about your post, and arrenge that situation. Love from Peru. drinks hug

  2. Wow Maxie your posts are always so fantastic. Of all boy pictures I love boy couples the best it is hard to pick a favorite but I think Scotty and Sean are my favorite boy couple. I dream that they are a real couple. Thanks again.

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