Summer theme

Because of some requests and as we did with the image of the header of the previous site, we now share the images used for the summer theme header you can see on top of the page.

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21 thoughts on “Summer theme

  1. All of these beautiful boys are so cute for sure.My favourites are the sweet red bandana wearing boy.Ohhh God that tan line he has is sooo HAWT and Sexy.The cutie blond slim boy with the pink swim shorts is just STEAMY DREAMY CUTE.

  2. There are no words to describe these boys perfectly. Maybe……

    Beautiful, Lovely, Stunning, Alluring, Charming, Exquisite, Cute, Gorgeous, Breathtaking, Charming, Dazzling. Words fall short. Only your eyes can testify.

  3. Okay, the boy’s incredible tan and beautifully-winged shoulder blades, in the last pic, are pretty awesome.

    But the boy in the second pic is a winner for me. He’s sheer perfection. Surfer-boys are my weakness. Those high arches. That flowing torso. It reminds me of Michaelangelo’s “Angel in the marble” sculpture.

    “I saw an angel in the marble. And i carved until i set him free”

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